Commons People by Tony RussellWelcome to my website

Thank you for stopping by to take a look, I really appreciate you spending some of your precious time visiting here.  In case you are interested I will start with a little bit about me.  I occasionally experience bouts of severe stress, anxiety and depression, I have no qualms talking about this, as I believe it breaks down barriers and the stigma of mental illness.

When you experience mental health issues, it is important to find a coping strategy, for me that has always been campaigning on mental health issues, and photography.  And the irony is, notwithstanding occasional bouts of severe depression, most of the time, my mental health problems have given me the opportunity to work in an area that I couldn’t be happier in.  So in a way it has been worth going through what I have been through, to end up a whole lot happier most of the time.

Professionally, I am part of the Secretariat of the Positive Practice Mental Health Collaborative, which has over fifty member organisations, and the Founder of The National Mental Health Awards.

I am desperately trying to become an established writer, as I believe a good writer can change things and influence opinion.  Hence my first two books, Commons People – MPS are Human Too, and the updated version, Commons People – Your Life in Their Hands are my efforts to try and persuade people to not only vote, but to use their votes wisely.  Only time will tell if I make an impact.

The book I am currently working on, is a comprehensive guide to cruising, where I am combining my professional experience of assessing services from a customer perspective, with my passion for cruising.  I have completed over thirty cruises, so consider myself a bit of an expert, and I am certainly independent.

Anyway, please take a look at my writing and some of my favourite pictures.  I hope you enjoy them…..and feel free to follow me on twitter too @tonyr2011

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